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By Sarah Hill, Content Strategist at Old Dominion University

Communication is Key for Smooth Branding

We all know huge national brands, from retail to restaurants to consumer services, who offer franchise opportunities. We’ve also seen marketers, including both local franchise owners and big brands, struggle with branding across such a broad environment. Angela Paules is the Vice President of Marketing for multi-brand franchising company Buzz Franchise Brands, and she has vast experience in this area.

Buzz Franchise Brands is a multi-brand franchising company that focuses on providing quality services to homes and businesses. They began with franchising Mosquito Joe, and their portfolio now has three brands including Mosquito Joe (outdoor pest control,) Pool Scouts (pool cleaning and maintenance) and Home Clean Heroes (a residential cleaning service).

During our interview, Paules explained how she is able to oversee all those franchises and brands and have them remain consistent. She said, “We teach our franchisees this from day one – before they even sign up to become a franchisee. Then we continue to reinforce that message from their training at our corporate office, when we do site visits to their location, and through our ongoing training and support.” She also goes on to say that Buzz Brands supplies marketing collateral and has an approval step to maintain the quality and consistency.

Communication is also a big part of consistency. Buzz Franchise Brands doesn’t just “set it and forget it.” In addition to the thorough required training, the corporate office remains in constant communication with each franchise through the life of their business. That way the corporate office can keep an eye on the work that’s being done and the franchisee gets the support they need.

Paules can identify with the franchisees. She was a small business owner herself. “I started my career in advertising and then transitioned into marketing. In the midst of all that I opened a coffee shop in Austin,” she said. “Having the mix of advertising, marketing and entrepreneurial experience has really helped me be able to support and relate to our franchise business owners.”

Paules is certainly a busy professional, and admits that time management, along with staffing, can be a challenge at times. “We learned to hire for the future,” she said. “You have to roll up your sleeves and stay focused.”

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