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By Sarah Hill, Content Strategist at Old Dominion University

Create a Game-Changing Content Strategy

“Content Marketing” isn’t just a catchy buzzword anymore in the marketing sphere. It has become the lifeblood of many strategies and is a proven win when it comes to creating brand ambassadors and converting customers.

That’s why creating an amazing, workable content strategy isn’t only a great idea; it’s essential. Kathy Baird, Managing Director of Content and Social for Oglivy, knows a thing or two about good content strategy.

“Content includes online and offline communications, events, partnerships and any touchpoint a brand uses to communicate. For online purposes, content marketing includes digital, mobile and social communications,” she said. “If done well, these content opportunities will align to business drivers and ultimately lead to ROI.”

But it’s not just about putting things out there for your customers and the public to see. It’s about making your content high quality. That means something that truly speaks to your audience and answers a pain or point of interest it may have. Baird explains that it’s about knowing your audience. She says, “by taking the time to identify true audience insights, content can be created in a way that meets both the brand’s objectives as well as audience preference.”

Key points to developing effective content:

  • Developing a strategy and implementing for optimum returns
  • Why writing is a start – but good content is about so much more
  • Creative messaging and fresh tactics will wow your audience over
  • Identifying audience preferences and behavior is key

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