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By Sarah Hill, Content Strategist at Old Dominion University

Decoding SEO for Marketers: The Hidden Keys to Success

Marketers probably feel like they are constantly battling nameless, faceless robots that hold their content and their company’s or client’s fate in their steely, robot claws. I am referring, of course, to the search algorithm.

It’s the complicated process by which Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, or any other site with search capabilities determines what’s worthy of your feed. Marketers often spend a lot of time and energy on content only to see it fall flat when it comes to actually making a difference of qualified leads or brand building due to it getting buried in the algorithm.

But all hope is not lost! There’s a method to the mystery madness. Simon Heseltine, VP of Search at and all around SEO wizard, will tell you how at his upcoming AMA Speaker Luncheon titled “SEO is dead! Or is it…”

Without giving away too many spoilers, SEO is NOT dead, it’s just changing.

“Eyeballs to site. That’s what it’s all about,” Heseltine said in a phone interview. “It’s all about relevance.” That means crafting your content marketing efforts to fall into line with what the searchers want. Heseltine explained that it all goes back to search behavior.  “When you’re searching for something, [search engines] want to return you relevant results. They know if they don’t give you a good result, you’ll go elsewhere,” explains Heseltine. That’s where the algorithm comes in. It sounds simple but it can get quite complicated; especially in a competitive marketplace.

While many marketers choose to go around the organic content route and invest in paid Google searches, the ultimate goal still comes back to organic reach. After all, according to Simon Heseltine, VP of Search at and all around SEO wizard, “it’s free clicks.”

So how will you create content that winds up at the top of Google’s front page? Find out at AMA Hampton Roads’ luncheon on May 11, 2017!

You will learn:

• What changes have recently happened with the biggest search algorithm

• What’s coming up for SEO

• Best practices for getting on page one of Google

• What search practices your clients are likely using

• What it means to have “relevant” content

• Why you should keep an eye on Bing in your efforts

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