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By Sarah Hill, Content Strategist at Old Dominion University

Get Amazing Images and Videos… From Right Inside Your Pocket.

Not a day goes by where marketers don’t wish for stunning visuals. Beautiful pictures and video make grabbing and holding attention so much easier, but many marketers or agencies can’t afford accounts for stock video/photography nor are they able to foot the bill for a professional photographer. Does this sound like you? Abbey Birsch, Head of Strategy at BCF Agency, can help you get those amazing images and videos… from right inside your pocket.

“It’s all in one place- all on your phone,” Birsch said in a phone interview. “Anyone can take a picture on their phone that’s better than some digital cameras from 5 years ago. And it doesn’t have to be an image, it can be a gif, a boomerang video, and so on.”

But what if your department, clients, or partners are already relying on stock footage, and happy to continue doing so? Birsch, who is also a professor at VCU, says that could be a problem. It has to do with what the consumer is looking for in modern day ads; in a word, authenticity. “I think for too many years, and I’ve done this too, marketers and small businesses have relied on stock images,” Birsch said “I think that now more than ever consumers are looking for transparency.”

Break free from the limits of stock photography! Say goodbye to cheesy images with the same models over and over! Abbey Birsch will help you learn how to utilize the technology you have to delight customers and bring true authenticity to your brand. As Birsch says, “brands should really be keeping up to speed. There’s no excuse not to do it. Everyone has a cell phone.”

You’ll learn:

• Tricks and tools of the trade

• Where to find the best tools

• How to tap into visual creativity to help marketing

• The best social platforms to share your message

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