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By Sarah Hill, Content Strategist at Old Dominion University

Get Your Marketing on the Same Page: Learn Brand Consistency

Have you ever noticed that the brands you really admire just seem so steady with a unified message everywhere you look? That’s called brand consistency. Dr. Lisa Spiller, Distinguished Professor of Marketing at Christopher Newport University, says that a lot of work goes into keeping a brand the same across the many places where you may see it.

“Brand consistency implies projecting the exact same brand image — including the same look, feel, and tone,” says Dr. Spiller. That includes similarity in design, colors, fonts, logo, taglines, and so on.

This seems like a no-brainer, right? Who wants to make a lot of different logos, introduce a lot of different looks to your branding?

It’s easier than you think to get your brand’s consistency muddled. With the introduction of every new medium on which to share and every new buyer persona, the message has the potential to change. The next thing you know, online teams are going in different directions than your collateral teams, which look different than your print ads, and so on.

“Absolutely, you should tailor your promotional messages or content to effectively engage with each customer or prospective target market if several market segments exist for your particular product or service,” says Dr. Spiller. “ However, your overall brand image should remain the same.”

So how do you sort out that big mess without losing the specifically tailored content you work so hard to create? Find out at the AMA Hampton Roads upcoming speaker luncheon presentation: “Brand Consistency – Online & Offline” and ask Dr. Spiller herself.

In this luncheon you’ll learn how to assess your brand communications and take it up a notch to ensure that your messages are effectively engaging and inspiring customers and prospects, while constantly reinforcing your brand image.

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