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By Sarah Hill, Content Strategist at Old Dominion University

Safe Marketing in an Online World

The online world is creating boundless opportunities for marketers, but not without risk.  

“Everyone needs to be aware of cyber security,” says Heather Engel, Executive Vice President
of Sera-Brynn and expert in cyber risk management. Engel says that marketers in particular have
their work cut out for them when it comes to online security. Not only do marketers face the need
to keep our own data secure, but we also have to keep in mind the specific and delicate needs of our
clients and employers. This can sometimes include sensitive information.

As Engel explained, “marketers hold their clients’ reputations in their hands. If a marketer is handling social media for a client and is lax with passwords or hasn’t secured their own network then all their clients are at risk. Marketing and PR teams may also have access to sensitive intellectual property, upcoming campaigns, or business data that could be valuable to an attacker or to a client’s competition.”

One of the most important considerations is managing the public face of a client when a breach has occurred. “Reputation management is one of the most difficult risks to quantify when preparing for a data breach,” Engel says. “It is critical to craft a crisis communications message that is on target, timely, and relevant without creating more problems for the organization.”

So how can we, as marketers, avoid cyber attacks or be ready if one occurs?

Ask Ms. Engel herself at the upcoming speaker luncheon, Cyber Risk Management in an Online World. You’ll learn:

  • Threats that you and your clients may face
  • Steps to secure information
  • How to avoid becoming a victim that leads to a larger breach
  • How to prepare crisis communications

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