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By Sarah Hill, Content Strategist at Old Dominion University

Why “Mobile First” is the Right Turn in the Marketing Maze

Marketers spend a lot of time (more time than they should, probably) worrying about what trends are going to stick around, especially in the digital world.

Everyone in the field has at least one story where he or she pours over a new, hot medium, invests time and money, only to watch it flop, under perform, and disappoint clients. There are even more stories of marketing efforts that were late to the party with missed opportunities abound.

 So how do you sort through the hype and determine which digital marketing trends you really need to pay attention to this year? Grant Simmons knows, and he says it’s all about mobile.

“2017 is all about the customer. And your customer is mostly online and primarily mobile,” says Simmons, who is the Vice President of Search Marketing for Dominion Enterprises and leads the Consumer Marketing team at Homes.com.

 And don’t think you can put off this knowledge and wait to see what the next new thing is coming around the bend. Simmons says that now is the time to act. “Savvy marketers must pay attention to these trends, even if the metrics, means and motives have changed with technology, marketers are still the “message bridge” between products and consumers,” Simmons expounded

 Grant Simmons is speaking at an AMA Hampton Roads luncheon on February 10th, 2017. 

 In this speaker luncheon, you’ll learn:

• Why marketers need to pay attention to technology trends

• How to sort through the noise and become an early adapter without wasting your time

• The best sources for information regarding digital marketing trends

•Why “mobile-first” should already be your mindset as a marketer

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